Life Update

I am knee high in backlogs but I have to work which will delay my regular postings EVEN MORE.

I have N number of half edited videos that just need my narration which will take me the next 3-4 days to finish on account that I have lost my voice. again. WHY KARAOKE?? WHY???

I cannot lose the last 2-4 lbs.

I have named my new laptop Paula because 1. she’s pretty like Paolo but 2. she’s not a boy (like Paolo)

I need a shoe rack and a table, for real. I’ve been saying this for like a year.

I’ve been getting more messages online telling me how they appreciate my blog/ vlog and how I am an inspiration to them. Makes me so happy. Also, it makes me so scared. I am just a girl, sitting in front of a computer screen and I also like to cuss a lot. 

And I am blogging instead of working. BYE NOW!

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