Master Po: Little Place, Big Taste- Authentic Chinese Food at Your Convenience

For a city/ country with a large population of Chinese residents (myself included), there seems to be a lack of Chinese restaurants that offers customers with quicker and alternative dining options. While the family style, Lazy Susan, way of dining will always be a part of our culture, it often limits solo Chinese cuisine craving enthusiasts simply because of the lack of options.

Thankfully, late night cravings, dinner/ group dates, solo meals or even large groups looking for a change of scenery can now get their Chinese fix thanks to Master Po.

With already two branches located at Plaza Nouvelle, E. Benedicto Street & i2 Building, IT Park (formerly Ila Puti)Master Po offers undeniably good comfort food within arms reach. Here’s just a few of the the items they have on the menu:

Beef Hoffan- P 100.00

Yang Chow Fried Rice- P 100.00

Fish in Mayo- P 100.00

Basil Pork Skewers- P 140.00

Baked Seafood- P280.00

Roasted Chicken- P 180.00

Red Bean Glutinous Ball – P 50.00

Seafood Lettuce Wrap – P 180.00

Spring Roll – P 85.00

Mango Roll- P 80.00, Coffee Jelly & Cream- P 50.00 & Almond Jelly & Black Jelly – 50.00

This semi- fast food chain is definitely something I can’t wait to sink my teeth into again as I am eager to try out their Rice Pots so I can tell you all about it! As of writing, I’ve already contracted my family, Paolo and several friends to go back with me because… with their huge menu, one visit is obviously never going to be enough.

But just in case you’d take my word for it, my favorites so far are: the beef hoffan, baked seafood and of course, the Yang Chow fried rice.

Operating Hours:
Plaza Nouvelle- 10:30 AM-   10:00 PM
IT Park- 11:00 AM- 2:00 PM & 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM)

Seating Capacity
Plaza Nouvelle- 80 pax (with 2nd floor available for bookings, exclusively for 60 pax)
IT Park – 60 pax

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