My First Thrift Outfit (In A Bajillion Years!)

My lack of experience in the world of thrift shopping is definitely not from the snobriety of it all, but simply and honestly from the lack of experience and confidence. Prior to the last 2 trips that I’ve gone on recently, I had never really enjoyed thrift shopping probably because my style at the time was different, the conditions were unsuitable or most likely because I was ignorant and stupid.

 It was only a couple of months ago that I decided to give thrift shopping another try because I had seen my baby cousins treasure of vintage finds. I found lace in her closet that cost her P50.00 or even less and I was on a mission to hoard as many coats & blazers as I could find.

And now here we are. I’m thrift obsessed and Paolo has given me a cap on shopping. I have no more closet space because I’ve taken up 4 closets in our house. I’m ded.

Ironically, when you look at these photos, it’s the 1 article of clothing that isn’t thrifted that actually looks like it’s been handed down for years which I think really says something. I got my blazer for about P 120.00 and my ribbed tshirt for P 100.00 while I got my shorts for P 299.00 (brand new. ugh).

What really caught my attention was my Coco Libre Chanel shirt which I think is a dupe but if it were an original would cost $900.00. I still think my version is a dupe because of the variation in the neckline and sleeve hem colors and the faintness of the print. But dupe or not, I love the fit of this shirt and the cloth is unlike anything that I’ve worked with to date.

CHANEL Tops - CHANEL 2017 Cruise Viva Coco Libre Cuba T-Shirt

I know this outfit isn’t screaming amazing or barely worthy of an entire blog post but it was a casual day of errands and spending time with the family and I’m really loving this coord look so whatever.

Also, I left the house which is a feat AND I had someone take my photos after the very long resistance. I’m slowly getting back into guys, I just need tiiime. lol.

What do you think of my thrifted look? 🙂

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