mother meets promenade king

yes, yesterday, mother and the whole shebang [papa, lolo, lola, tita tina and tito mike] met francis and boy, was that fun. lol

papa was actually dumbstruck for the first time in the 10 wonderful years that he’s been in my life. lol. he wasn’t able to talk to him and said that he was saving his questions for prom night. but you could tell by the way he was fiddling with things that yes, i got my papa’s heart beating crazy at the thought that i’m getting all grown up now. sob.

the talk was interesting and my god.. fast! mom just asked him when and what time i’d be home and where’d we go after prom.

now the woman can’t shuttup about the guy. she’s practically inlove with him. lol. i have no say on the matter.

sos, mama. lol. she says na he’s the kinda guy she wants me to be with, attractive, nice, well rounded and descent. lol. nya feel pud kaayu nimo, franc? HAHA.

apparently, they wanna see him around more.

so anyways, after they talked, he gave me his xmas gift. hand saniter. hehe. sipat. he always had a thing about me writing on my hands. lol. i’m an artist. kill me. haha. bitaw, i loved it. 🙂

soo.. after he left, the grown ups started talking about their high school romances. haha. that was funny. i just wasn’t paying enough attention to write it in details. lol

so now, i’ve gone all lazy on marc. i’m soo sorry but i do this to people. i’m like that. i put people through misery and pretend it’s my job to. im just like that.

i should warn you that i change my mind very quickly witout even thinking. i get restless and pulan-non and when i do, i tend to let go of certain things no matter how much they mean to me.

i’m just like that. and i wnat you to know to know this in case this happens. and i have a feeling that maybe it will. 😐

next blog please..

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