let’s settle this once and for all

ok. i’ve been acting like a complete bitch who doesn’t want to talk to anyone. i’ve been dodging text messages and not answering my calls just because well, i’m just not in the mood too. i can do that, right? lol.

honestly, i cannot deny the happiness he brings me. because, yeah he does make me happy and everyone knows it.

but sometimes, it gets too serious and i can’t help but wish that it would all just… stop

it’s not that i don’t like him anymore but you know, it just seems a little too serious for my type. constantly texting, talking on the phone, talking about stuff for real. and i don’t do talk, i just let it happen and not care. and sometimes, i unno, i just don’t want it. like, it’s too much pressure.

honestly, i can’t help but think that we’re as cut out for each other as i think we should be. i’m tired of texting of talking on the phone lang and i have a feeling that it won’t be as fun in real actual life.

i don’t know. it’s xmas eve and i shouldn’t be feeling this way but despite the given time and date i can’t help but wish it all to end.

i’m soo evil right now

but i don’t think i can do this anymore.

i don’t i can do it.

i don’t wanna hurt anybody.

he’s the last guy i want to hurt. but honestly, i don’t think i can make him happy. i think all i’ll do is hurt him and hurt him. because quite frankly, i’m not the girl he thinks i am. sure, he gives me all these weird feelings but, i just have too many things going on in my life right now that i don’t know what i want or who i want or if i want to do this. i wish i could wish it all away. but i think i have to end it before i do something completely stupid. and i know for sure that i will. or already have. because that’s what i do. i do stupid things.

i’m sorry

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