My Bag Was Snatched! And Everything I Had To Do Afterwards…

A hot minute ago, my precious bag and all  my possessions inside of it were stolen from me. I talk about that story in the video above so if you’re a sadist who enjoys a good crying episode- don’t hesitate to subscribe to my channel!

I figured I would make a good situation out of something bad and since I technically lost every single valid ID possible, I felt like this would be helpful to anyone who might need it.

Here’s what I lost:
* Valid IDs: Drivers license, Passport, PRC ID
* iPhone, Hard drive, wallet with cash & an issued check, important notebooks/ organizers & bag

Here’s what I did:
1. Checked all CCTV footage in the area for any information from the recent incident.
My bag was snatched in front of the FLC building so I was hoping that there was footage that could lead me to anything that could have been useful. I was also advised to message Bantay Mandaue- Team on Facebook in case they could access the other CCTV’s in the area. They did reply, not everything they said was useful but it was a reply nonetheless and I was pretty thankful for it.

2. Called up my bank. I only have debit cards and while they’re generally safe, I still wanted to make sure that even if the guy who stole my bag was able to punch in the right numbers, I had already secured my money.

3. Cried. Cried a lot. Just kidding. Or not.

4. Tried to see what I could do with my phone. I had very important documents on my phone so I had to make sure that even if I would never get my phone back, the thief couldn’t get through to my important notes and what not. I had an iPhone and had some issues because of the two point authentication codes so in the end I had to call up the Apple hotline and ask them what they could do to help me in my situation.

5. Called up the police. I was feeling a bit dazed and confused with so much that was going on that I just had to call the police on the phone and ask them what the next step was. They did advise that I go in and get a police report so if in case anyone tried to use my identification IDs they would know that it wasn’t actually me. They said that I could walk in any time that I wanted to and that I didn’t have to pay anything so I decided to go a week after because I really wasn’t in the mood nor did I have the willpower to do anything.

6. Because I came in so late, I had to secure an Affidavit of Loss from my attorney first. There are 2 ways that you can do this, print your own affidavit online and have it notarized (or so I’ve heard) at City Hall or you can walk into an attorney’s office to have one made. I paid P500.00 for mine at my regular firm and it only took me 3o minutes. It wasn’t so bad that I had to get an AOL since I would eventually have to get one for my drivers license and passport anyways…

What To Do With Lost License:

7. I haven’t really done this yet part yet mostly because I have no interest in driving anytime soon but there are articles online and here is one with enough information.

What To Do With Lost Passport:
8. I’ve been advised to prepare my AOL and Police Report. I do happen to have a scanned copy of my passport so I’ll make sure to send it over along with my NSO (because I don’t have any valid IDs at the moment). I’ve heard that getting a passport right now is hell but we might try out luck elsewhere. Luckily we haven’t planned our honeymoon yet so we all good…. so far.

What To Do With Lost PRC License:
9. Instructions here


Losing your organizer might not feel like a lot but because my work notebook had a list of all my clients and our current collectibles which also reflected on my planner along with the exact times and dates that I or my staff were scheduled to pick up. I opted to choose my safety first and drop any/ all events, commitments and meetings that were reflected on my planner. It just seemed like the safest thing for me to do so needless to say, I spent majority of my time inside the house.

So that’s basically it. I hope this helps at least one person.

Love you all,
Issa P.

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