Bridal Diaries: Wedding Requirements in Cebu

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged and you’re now planning the wedding of your dreams. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and I definitely know what that feels like. Mapping out the day itself is a feat in itself but lemme tell you, ladies, the requirements are one hell of an adventure, as well.

The main goal is to get your Wedding License.ย This is crucial before you can say your I Do’s inside a church or on a beach or in court. Without this, you can’t move forward so I highly suggest that you prioritise these above everything else.


Got this checklist from the Civil Registrar at the back of theย  City Health office

Requirements Where To Get It Link/ Notes Cost
Latest certified true copy of PSA birth certificate Online/ PSA P 330.00

(if you go to the branch, it’s cheaper)

CENOMAR Online/ PSA P 430.00

(if you go to the branch, it’s cheaper)

Certificate of family planning & responsible parenthood City Health Department * Bring your voters ID if you can because they WILL badger you for one. P 150.00
Valid ID Passport, PRC ID, NBI Clearance, Voters ID, etc. (photocopy only)
CEDULA City Hall P 60.00- P 200.00
Marriage license application form (Form 90) City Hall P 150.00



Requirements Where to get Important information Cost
Marriage license City Hall
Baptismal & Confirmation Certificate Church where you were baptised/ confirmed.





Depends on your church
Pre Cana Interview Church Paolo and I are planning to get our pre cana at the Archbishop palace for P 1,500.00 for a half day session. We’ve been told that you can do it cheaper for the whole day, with other people and that Discovery Camp is another great option!


Marriage bans Church closest to you As soon as you book your church of choice, they will present wedding bans to you that you need to present to the church nearest to you. This is basically a PSA to everyone that you’re about to get married and if anyone has anything to say about it now they can do it now and not during the wedding. P 150.00

If there are any corrections, please feel free to let me know!

I hope this helps all us brides! <3

Issa P. soon to be G.

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  1. This is so helpful, Iss! I heard that some certificates or whatnot are only valid for a few months? Would you happen to know? Hahaha we still haven’t started processing ours so I’ll use your blog as my guide nalang. Hahaha.

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