Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Locks, Lights

2015-02-17 12.05.27 1

Quick shoot without any regard of my background, whatsoever. But I do appreciate how these small pieces add a little bit of texture to my background.

Thought I’d show everyone what I’m wearing to the office today since it’s simple, cute and fuss free. Perfect for anyone who’s looking for something quick and chic to wear with very little time to spare. That’s how I’ve been dressing lately.

Not to mention, I always make sure that my garments are light weight since the summer heat has already started to kick in.

2015-02-17 12.05.17 1

2015-02-17 12.04.49 1

I highly doubt that rompers will ever go out of style but just in case they do, I’m opting for solid, basic colors so I can easily revive them in my wardrobe when they are long gone from the fashion scene.

Also, choosing to mix navy blue and gold wasn’t a shabby choice either. It’s the perfect mixture of youthfulness, sophistication and professionalism- just the right mix of what I need today.

I’m definitely ready for an afternoon full of meetings and client visits. So… fun…2015-02-17 12.05.00 1

2015-02-17 12.05.34 1

Hope your day is as productive as mine!



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