Off Duty

Imitation Rayban shades: Mactan| Pearl necklace: Gift from Mom| Mint off shoulder top: Styletogo Cebu| White pants: Ayala Department Store| Sandals: Ipanema (I think)| Bag: Lacoste

Shorts: BNY Jeans

Here’s a quick post of what I wore a couple Saturdays ago to watch a movie with friends and attend a birthday party after.

I had to change from pants to shorts after realizing that the zipper on my pants was broken and in no way salvageable…for that day, at least. (QUICK TIP: If your zipper if broken, place a ring hoop in the zipper hole and hang it around your pants buttons. Works like a charm!)

I’m really glad I dove into the off shoulder/ tube trend. I really think it’s one of those classy and timeless pieces along with Peplum tops. I’ve been thinking about getting another top in black but  seeing as that I am currently unemployed and dying to buy an origami skirt, this craving will have to wait.

Stick on bra: Tickled Pink

I was very lucky to have this stick on bra at hand when I got this top. It totally eliminated the stress of choosing what bra to wear and having to pull up a strapless bra every god-knows-when. Plus, I like the texture this stick on bra has as compared to the silicone type ones. I don’t even have to worry about it falling off when I sweat 🙂

To a happy (hopefully alcohol-free) weekend!

Cuz I miss you, fools. And also because I look like a buck toothed man without make up. SHAMELESS!

2 Replies to “Off Duty”

    1. hardly! i look like a maan! :p haha. nailinator, let’s check out that nail place. i used to rave about that place in college. idk if you’ve been though. i featured it on my older obsolete blogs but i think you’d like it! 🙂

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