Throwback Fashion Thursday: Denim

Denim, denim, denim- we just can’t seem to get a break from you can we?

First it was my mom’s old denim jacket from the 80’s…


that we turned into vests…

That we eventually tie dyed, metallized and customized…


Then came the birth of the Chambray shirt, the Chambray dress, the Chambray hoodies, the Chambray skater skirts, the Chambray caps, the Chambray underwear- literally the Chambray EVERYTHING … (ok maybe not underwear :P)



And how could I forget the denim high waist shorts? The denim shorts that started the epidemic of studs and spikes and tie dye…


[It’s sad to be 22 and not be able to wear these anymore. I’m too “uncool”]

And you know, just when I started abiding by the rules of fashion, DENIM on DENIM was suddenly HOT instead of a mortal NOT.¬†Although I never really understood why it was frowned upon to begin with.. It’s so beautiful.

I would say more actually but it would all just be in spite.

As much as I love denim, I live in the freakin’ Philippines where it’s too damn hot to wear ANYTHING.

Check out my first throwback


Manic Issa will be back tomorrow.

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