Throwback Fashion Thursday: The Platforms

Hi Everyone! I know that #throwbackthursdays have been all the rage on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you can hashtag your life away. And what better way to go along with a trend than by starting your own, right?

From now on and as much as possible, every Thursday I will be featuring The Trends of Your or old fashion trends and how YOU can incorporate them in your daily looks in this new day and age.

You know what they say, don’t throw out clothes cuz you never know when it’ll come back in style. (do people actually say that? or is that just me? lol)

So without further ado:

Thursday Fashion Throwback #1:


I definitely have the Spice Girls to thank for my past obsession with platform shoes. In fact, I grieved the day they went out of style because that day meant having to go back to my midget size.

Platforms whether made out of cork, plastic, rubber or wood were a lot safer to have on than any other heels. They were solid and they gave me a bit of extra height that we all know (or not) that I needed.

Unfortunately, in the late 1990’s, platform shoes were dubbed as out of style and no one would be caught dead in them. Unless of course,  they were in clear plastic, a towering 6 inches high with a separate heel and probably herpes.

<the typical stripper heel>

But now, I’m glad to say that the platform shoes are indeed very much back in style and are so much prettier than what we ever had in kindergarten.

The styles have definitely gotten more versatile having designs for the girl-next-door, the punkasses and even for those who just want a bit of spunk in their outfits.

What I also love about this resurrected trend is that the length of the heels are not too tacky or compromising. They still give you that height while not looking like you’re pushing it.

<Images from Google>

Here in the Philippines, bombshell Anne Curtis  has been modeling the trend for Primadonna  and let’s be honest, if we could have things our way, anything Anne would wear- we’d buy. (Do check them out, they’ve got a bunch of awesome designs!)

Here’s another way to style them:

Miley Cyrus: Studded Back Platform Sneakers

<credits to stealherstyle>

And then there will always be this:

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!

-Issa Perez

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