Purple Reign

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Gone are the days when matching sets were for 8 year old’s and grade school teachers. Now these terno pieces can be worn anywhere from the office, to the mall and even on night outs with friends.

It’s an easy way to look chic, comfortable and fierce especially if you never have the time to do that anymore! *cough, cough*

I’ve been on the terno bandwagon for quite some time now sporting all types of matching sets and pairing them with my favorite articles of clothing to make them even more interesting than they already are. As great as they already are, I still find it important to add a little more like a blazer or accessories to bring down the impact of the entire outfit especially for those with stronger prints.

For this particular outfit, I thought it would look best with a white cover up (or blazer, IF I HAD ONE. sheesh.) to tone down the shade of purple which is very prominent in these pieces. Quite honestly, the color purple scares me since it reminds me so much of Barney the dinosaur but I quickly learned that with the right styling techniques, purple can actually be wearable! Don’t you just love fashion?

A big thanks to Let’s Stylize for introducing these bad boys into my life <3

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2015-01-28 11.28.52 1I feel like a woman now. Thanks for asking!

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