rating feelings

mr. dj can i make a request,
pwede ba ‘yung love song ko?

do you see me?
do you feel me like i feel you?
call your number,
I cannot get through.
You don’t hear me.
[or did you ever consider the fact that you
don’t listen to me?]
And i don’t understand,
[what’s there to understand?
it’s spelled out beautifully for you]
When i reach out,
I don’t feel your hand

Were they wasted words?
[i would never waste such precious words.]
And did they mean a thing?
[you know i meant it]
And all that precious time,
Well, I just feel so in between

I just keep pretending
That you’ll say dreaming of a different ending
I wanna hold on but it hurts so bad
[you know i can’t.]
and i can’t keep something that i never had

I keep tell myself things can turn around with time
And if I wait it out you could always change your mind
[you know that i like not knowing. i just want to take my time from now on]
Like a fairy tale where it works out in the end
Can I close my eyes have you lying here again
Then I come back down
They dont pay back and
Then I realize its just what Its just what might have been.

Am I a shadow on your wall
Am I anything at all
Anything to you
Am I a sacrate that you came
Do you dream me while your sleeping after all


From the first day I met ya, I noticed your style
Had that B-boy swagger, not one of the crowd
And you talked like you knew me, kept comin’ around
And I fell for ya, yeah.

Then as time kept going, I noticed some things
That our love kept growing, wanted to run away
‘Cause the situations in the past, none of them really last
Memories just had a hold of me, ohhh.

But I, had to let go of the pain
Let love rain down on me (let it rain)
‘Cause you helped me open up my eyes, showed me things I could never see (let it rain)
‘Cause we can fight, and we make up,
Wanna see you when I wake up
I’ll stay with you only (let it rain)
Cause I need you to show me how our love should really be (let it rain).

I used to wonder where we’re going, and where I wanted to be
Sittin’ alone, all shook up when I found my destiny
Hearing songs on the radio, wishin’ that could happen for me, oh ohh (ohh oh)
Then when you came in the picture, then I knew quickly
That we could build something so strong
Expect the best for the future, forget about what used to be
I need you here all life long.

‘Cause I see the sunlight whenever we touch,
All day and all night, it’s never too much
Afraid of my feelings and falling too deep,
But everybody’s had this one time or another
When you need somebody to set your heart free, ohh ohhh.


i hope you could see rge tears that are trying soo hard not to fall right now

handle me with care </3

note to self:
smoking is definitely ruins climbing abilities


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