will you dance with me tonight?

i’m not excited but i’m not scared. today just feels like a regular saturday afternoon except today i’ll be out the whole afternoon. lol.

so, today’s prom night. my first prom. and i unno. i’m just glad i’m going and glad-der HAHA cuz i’m going with someone i’m very comfortable with.

i made francis this letter. i won’t tel him about it. i’ll just wait til he reads it gyud. i’m giving him a cd with our pictures in it. well, yeah, he asked for it.:p

wait, do you give people gifts on their prom? HAHA. wtf.

school yesterday was pretty awesome. jagger and mikel got into a fight, edgar and joseph got into a fight the other day too [andi had a lil bit of fault there]. haha. but whateve. i live for action like that.

well, i’m having breakfast with papa today. he wants to go through things before prom. He thinks i’ll do something stupid which i soo totally will not!

so, yeah. i’ll update later. :]

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