school, coffee and school

lately it’s just been about school. i have only 3 classes but i’m beat as hell. i feel like biochemistry is killing me and it’s just been rough cuz i feel like no matter how hard i try, i do better when i don’t even care. haha.

i’m leader for this project for CL at school and i’m pretty hyped about it cuz i get to help people and i guess it’s KINDA godly so at least i get to do something good after all the bad things i’ve been getting myself into. hehe.

ii have a major reason to smile this week. 🙂 last night i had coffee with this guy, Justin, we’ve been texting and talking for like a week and as much as i hate senarios like this i just said wtf and met up with him. besides it wasn’t completely awkward cuz we both know the same people.. we just never ran into each other until a few days ago. tsss. i’m not even going to defend myself cuz i had fun. haha. it’s just nice meeting people and you know, talking and having a good time. hehe.

i think  this week is tiring but good at the same time cuz i got my original allowance back! 😀

i’m gonna go now. just thought i’d drop by for a while.


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