short-term attraction span

the thing i’ve realized with me is that, i’ll like you for a second and 3 seconds after that, i’ll completely forget whatever it is i was supposed to be feeling or whatever it is wanted from you. i’m not sorry for that. it’s makes everything more thrilling.

my heart will only start to remember who you are or what i want from you when i know that i can’t have you/ it or when i’m really into you. now isn’t that sad? i call this lust. and it sounds sexy. haha.

today, i want something new brought to the table. i want something i know for sure that i cannot have. i don’t know from who but i know that after today, i don’t want it bad. i have respect for patience again.

babe is a pig and i am a princess.

26 days til my birthday. i want keds and a fighting fish and a coloring book with jumbo crayons. a good book. a boyfriend. no, not that. not anymore.

i’m weird again. but this is fun, really. HAHA.

i wanna talk about it. yeah, i do. but like, i don’t see the point. i just want to see what happens. 1, 2 and 3. wow, that’s a big number, even for me. haha.

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