Something EVERYONE Should Learn

Dear Issa,

A is not albino,

B is not bitch,

C is not cat,

D is not dog,

E is not eagle,

F is not foxy but you’re pretty close so good job,

G is not GANDI,

H is not hello,

I is not Idiot,

J is not for jutz,

K is not kangaroo,

L is not lick,

M is not madagascar,

N is not… well, we can’t use that word here,

O is not olympics,

P is not pizza. But pizza is always a good idea,

Q is not queen,

R is not Ramos,

S is not sexy (but you are. Always remember that!),

T.. well, we know what is,

U is not university,

V is not Virginia (but we miss her dearly),

W is not Wisconsin,

X is Xray,

Y is not yoy

And Z is not Zoo.
Please remember this the next time you give directions or try to spell sonething out. You’re 26 dammit, you should know this shit. 😂

P.s. Was i supposed to learn this in school?

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