Mixed Materials @ District 53rd, IT Park





I like to mix food and fashion, with food being an unknown and completely new passion of mine… until I gained 10 lbs. But believe me, I have been trying to work it off. (I am soo close!)

I especially love it when my look matches the interior of a restaurant making it completely relevant to take advantage of a beautiful establishments interiors like the one’s at District on 53rd.

Their long list of menu choices might overwhelm you at first but their chilled food section might be a good place to start especially if you’re a more visual person.

Plus, their selection of ice cream is heavenly so if you plan to skip dinner, at least consider dessert!



Like District on 53rd’s interior, I decided to mix a few uncommon pieces of my own together for this look. Chiffon and lace definitely make a good combination but what about your decade old favorite pair of Chuck Taylors?

It probably wasn’t the daintiest thing to look at I’ll admit, but it felt good to be able to infuse clothes I’ve been struggling with and something I am familiar with. You can still create something beautiful out of opposites.





 Top: Abercrombie and Fitch| Sports bra: Old Navy| Lace pencil skirt: Let’s Stylize| Sneakers: Converse



Mega Life Salad- P 275.00 (Personally, I would opt for the Caesar wrap instead)
Chicken Caesar Wrap – P 195.00
Smoked Salmon Sandwich/ Burger – P 100.00++


Also, Catherine says “hello!” She wants to make guest appearances on this blog. Any suggestions for content?

Don’t Cry Before A Shoot,


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Eat All You Can Sessions for P288.00 @ Chik Chow Food Express


It has become apparent in the recent years that the Cebuano’s strong love for food has gotten stronger and stronger. With restaurants popping up from left to right and food bazaars every weekend that we eagerly flock to to sample whatever is new in the city, there’s no denying that nothing brings our proud culture closer together like food does.

With all the fancy new restaurants with their modernized and chic interiors or bunk type cafes that we’ve all spent countless afternoons in, sometimes it’s nice to return to our roots and spend our favorite times of the day somewhere cozy that reminds us of home.


Chik Chow Food Express is a humble and promising establishment that is located along 316 – C Mango Avenue. What was recently the owner’s residence has now been transformed into this cozy restaurant that offers a Filipino- Chinese selection of food in an eat-all-you-can style.

My first impression upon walking into Chik Chow was that it fondly reminded me of Saturday afternoons spent at a friend’s house making projects, homework or just hanging out. Of course, that friend always had the best food which truthfully was always one of the main reasons why everyone loved going there in the first place. The ambiance was so homey and unpretentious that I could not wait to bring my family there to share stories, laugh and just enjoy each others company over great food. My apologies for going on and on about how much I loved the coziness but it’s simple things like this that make me notice a restaurant right off the bat but to address your curiosity- yes, the food was amazing.




With its wide spaces, Chick Chow can easily accommodate around 50 or more people making it perfect for private functions. They also have a very generous and guarded parking space leaving no problems when it comes to leaving your cars or finding a place to park it. And whether you decide to enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors, both scenarios should not be a problem with their well ventilated areas that is sure to give you the full dining experience.  2016_0217_08214300



  As mentioned earlier, Chik Chow offers their food in an eat-all-you-can style with most of their dishes being either Filipino or Chinese with a high chance of a menu change every once in a while to spice things up. During my visit there I was able to sample everything except their dugo- dugo (for personal reasons) and although their meals look simple, most of them really did blow me away. Their lengua, meatballs in cream sauce, grilled chicken, seafood, Chinese lumpia and every dish that came with potato wedges were a few of my personal favorites.




2016_0217_08232500  2016_0217_082328002016_0217_08235900


Chik Chow is open on Tuesdays- Sundays from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm for lunch at P 288.00 and 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm for dinner at P 388.00. Aside from unlimited meals, they also have an unlimited flow of iced tea and lemonade to quench your thirst and a few Cebuano delicacies and items from their menu such as their lengua, roast pork, chicken feet, meatballs, panga and dinuguan that can be purchased to take home.


Needless to say, I ended up leaving Chik Chow eating more than I had initially planned but it was a hearty kind of stuffed which was not only from the delicious meals but from conversations with old friends and familiar faces- the best kind by far.

I can’t wait to go back and I hope to run into a few of you there!

For reservations you can contact them at (032) 255 9959 or contact them through Facebook.

Til our next gastronomical adventure,


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SUTUKIL @ Isla Sugbu Seafood City


SUTUKIL which is an abbreviation of 3 Cebuano terms: sugba (to cook by grilling), tuwa (to stew) and kilaw (to cook raw with vinegar) has always been a local favorite of locals and foreign guests. With the Philippines being blessed with an abundant source of sea life, Cebuano’s have put their resourcefulness and creativity to good use creating wonderful and hearty dishes that perfectly represent our culture.
As an addition to Grand Convention’s already impressive dinning options, Isla Sugbu Seafood City is now offering their customers with even better options for customers to enjoy the city’s local cuisine. Their new options offers diners an authentic sutukil experience that is a notch higher with their fresh selections of sea food, a wharf-like ambiance, authentic flavors plus clean dishes.  






 I was able to attend this prestigious establishments launching of their new selection which was graced by other prominent media and people from all over the Philippines and even entertainment personalities Jericho Rosales and Mylene Dizon. It was a funfilled evening which was highlighted by a celebrity cook off where both celebrities and their respective teams showed off their kitchen skills to impress the guests.  In the end, Team Mylene prevaled with their sutukil dishes that they wereable to complete under the allotted time.  Sutukil

Sutukil   Sutukil





Isla Sugbu Seafood City is located at the ground floor of Grand Convention Center  Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu. They are open from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Sutukil packages are at P 1,600.00 with various choices of fish, shrimps and squid.  For reservations contact 032-260-8000 or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more details and promotions.

See you there,


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Roof Top Gardens and City Views @ Cafe Terraza, Car Car


Now that Sinulog is over, it might be a good idea to take a break from the heavy partying and the wild traffic from the city and head down South to this beautiful rooftop garden cafe located in the heart of Car- Car city.

I’ve always loved the South because of its beautiful beaches and scenery but we’ve always have a hard time finding somewhere to rest our tired feet and enjoy a good cooked meal. At Cafe Terraza, not only do they offer delicious food but they also serve coffee, blended drinks and desserts.



Located at the 3rd floor of the RRG Building, on top of 711 & Mang Tinapay, you will find this quaint little hide out that has easily become a favorite hang out and date spot for the local Carcaranions. With their freshly blended drinks and food, you’d be surprised at how little you have to spend for such an amazing view and experience.  It is especially beautiful at night time!

Cafe Terraza is a project of love by one of the most important people in my life, my boyfriend! Being Car- Car based for the past 2 years, he wanted to give the city and the locals a place that they can enjoy and what better way to do that than through coffee?

Cafe Terraza proudly uses the finest brands available in Cebu from the coffee beans, to the syrups and the ingredients used to create each hearty plate served to every customer. I spent an afternoon here one November day and here are my unbiased thoughts about my experience:

DSCF5974 Everything on the menu is less than P120.00 (including meals)DSCF5960

Cafe Latte @ P 60.00

DSCF5643 Strawberry Kiwi Frost @ P 105.00 Other drinks include: Green Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Banana, Peach, Red Berry & Raspberry @ P 100.00DSCF5955

Beef spaghetti @ P 120.00

Other pastas include: Carbonara, Tuna Arabiata, Chicken Arabiata @ P 120.00

DSCF5947 All Day Breakfast Longanisa & Eggs @ 100.00 Other breakfast includes: Bacon & eggs, spam & eggs, ham & eggs, pork tocino & eggs, corned beef & eggs @ P 100.00 DSCF5964

Warm cookie/ brownie cup @ P 50.00

Also try their sandwiches at P 70.00 & P 80.00

I really did enjoy all the food that I was able to sample during my short trip to Cafe Terraza. The food was freshly made, nothing from the microwave (except the warm brownie cups) and the servings were very generous. My favorite drink so far has got to be the smoothies while I did enjoy the pasta!

Please do drop by and share some love! Cafe Terraza is open from 6:00 am – 2:00 am everyday!

See you there,


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Da Vinci’s Pizza, Every Cebuano’s Favorite Pizza

What does it mean to be a Cebuano? Is it the way we talk, the way we dress or the way we act?

No matter where in the world I am, to me, being a Cebuano is coming home to the things that remind me of home.  And when you ask me what pizza reminds me of home, it will always be Da Vinci’s Pizza, home of the famous white sauce pizza’s.

They recently did a revamping of the entire brand and a few of their changes included updated interiors, new items on their menu (including promos!) and a brand new commercial!

Pause the video at 0:08 for a little surprise!


Make sure to check out Da Vinci’s Pizza during your next food trip! They have branches located at: Jones Ave., Super Metro Colon, SM City Consolacion, Parkmall Mandaue, Shopwise Mambaling, IT Park Lahug, Marina Mall Mactan, & SM City Cebu.

For reservations/ deliveries, call them up at: 268 8888

Follow them on Facebook for promos

Official Website


Check out their latest promotion here:







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Gibbs’ Hot Wings @ The Streetscape + Giveaway


Gibbs’ Hot Wings has always been a personal favorite of mine and Paolo’s, too. As a couple who enjoys eating together, Gibbs’ has quickly and more importantly, consistently proven itself to being a place where Cebuano’s can go to to relax and enjoy good food. To be quite honest with everyone, I first stepped into Gibbs’ some time last year by invitation (check out the blog here) but every other trip after that was self imposed and my cravings have gone so far as to me abusing Food Panda for constant home deliveries. No shame.

It’s quite ironic that I constantly crave for Gibbs’ Hot Wings when the reality was, at first I was not an avid  chicken wings eater nor am I a fan of spicy food.  I have Gibbs’ to thank for my change of heart! Paolo on the other hand is crazy about this combination is always raving about how their wings are by far his favorite in Cebu.

So what are my favorite dishes at Gibbs? The wedges, the pasta (especially the carbonara), the Angel wings and a bunch of the items on their new menu!


With Gibbs’ finally opening their 2nd store at a more accessible location, they have also added a couple of new dishes to their menu such as: The Hickory Wings, Wasabi Wings, Nachos, Mac and Cheese and a bunch of new desserts!


Hickory Ribs

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and barbecue flavors. It’s not spicy either so it’s perfect for us people who can’t handle anything too spicy.


Wasabi Wings

This new dish is Paolo’s new go to dish. He says he loves the incorporation of the chicken and wasabi but it can be a little bit strong on the nose which is normal for any wasabi eater.



If you’re a chips eater, you’re sure to enjoy this dish. It’s a great replacement of the potato wedges and



Mac and Cheese

Easily one of my favorites from their menu!


With my favorite, Coy Oliva!


NOW for my favorite part, giveaway time! I will be giving out P600.00 worth of GC’s to ONE lucky person. Follow me on Instagram: @issaplease to find out how to win these babies!

For more updates, follow them on Facebook

 Good luck,


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Kwentong Salu-salo @ Hukad & Golden Cowrie

Every Cebuano’s favorite go- to restaurant to get their Filipino food fix have given us another reason to put them on the top of our list. Aside from providing us with great food, an upbeat ambiance, amazing service and a place to create lots of memories with the people we enjoy spending our favorite parts of the day with; Hukad has given us more reasons to love them through the Kwentong Salu- salo campaign.

Everyone has a great story to tell whether if it’s with friends, family or even both at the same time and the Kwentong Salu- salo campaign encourages everyone to share it with the whole world! By simply sharing your memories at Golden Cowrie/ Hukad and uploading them hereyou get a chance to win a P10,000.00 GC or an iPad mini.

Everybody knows that the Filipino’s favorite part of the day is meal time and when we combine the two things we Filipinos are best known for: Food and Selfies, who knows what greatness can come out of it? So whether you’re a Dalagang Pilipina, one of the boys or a part of a Pamilyang Pilipino- make sure to capture and share your favorite memories at Hukad and Golden Cowrie!

Check out their other videos for inspiration:


Follow Hukad/ Golden Cowrie on Facebook
Visit their official website for menu listings/ more information
Can’t wait to see your entries!


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The Monastery feat. Jing Pascual Photography

Sharing my second set of photos from my adventure at The Monastery but this time with Jing Pascual. I previously shared Jong Ong’s set here and soon enough, I will be showing you my last and final feature about this amazing place.


11703083_10152886446826326_5607102793092200569_n Finding the right backdrop for my photos is always an integral process to my more creative photo shoots. I always find myself keeping an eye open for interesting places that allow me to relay a story or that complement personality through the clothes that I am wearing.

  At the Monastery, I was able to do just that. With their laid back, cool ambiance and spots for great photo ops; I was able to play out the story of a young lady who isn’t exactly fully grown up but didn’t want to be treated like a kid either. Obviously, me. I’m floating in between those two realms but between all this uncertainty, I’m pretty sure that I wanted to have a good time. 

Thankfully, Bree Esplanada was there to my rescue and helped me portray these characters through his awesome designs, as well.





















 Location: The Monastery, Lahug

Photography by: Jing Pascual

Designs by: Bree Esplanada


Issa P.

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IssaEats: Grounded and Pounded


I honestly do not think that anything will come close to my favorite Fat Cow burger for a while but it doesn’t hurt to post some pretty ok burgers in between.

Grounded and Pounded which is located at the ground floor of One Pavillion mall along Banawa claims to be a healthier variation to the typical burger. With the tag line “It’s Not Just Healthy… It’s Grounded and Pounded”, I was sort of left wondering what was so healthy about it. I think it was the pesto sauce they used in it but to be honest, I really don’t know.

I don’t feel too good about giving a bad review but a friend encouraged me to be very honest with my thoughts and opinions which is the basis of a good blog so I will try very very hard to make this as decent as possible. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.



We walked into Grounded and Pounded right around noontime, hungry and excited to try out this new burger place that we’ve been noticing over the past few months. The first thing we noticed as we entered was that all the doors were open and that the air conditioning was turned off with the absence of an electric fan to make up for the scrimped ventilation. Not to sound like we can’t handle a little heat or anything but for an establishment located inside the mall, we were expecting that it would be fully air conditioned. Also, the reason why we decided to eat out was because it was too hot to eat at home in the first place. Since the place was pretty clean and it wasn’t suffocating us, we decided to stay anyways since we were all pretty determined to try the place out.



At first I was quite excited to order since there were quite a few selections to choose from their flip through menu such as the Banh Mi Burger (P109.00), The Gap Classic (P 99.00), The Gap Premium (P 129.00), The Gap Bacon Burger (P 144.00) and side dishes like Bruschetta (P69.00), Mojos (P89.00) among others. Unfortunately, the burger and the side dish that I wanted weren’t available and I ended up with a Gap Classic with Cheese (P 139.00) and fries. The menu stated that it came with mojos but they did not have those either which was kind of a bummer.


Maybe it was the heat or the disappointment from their scarcity in selections but I ended up not quite enjoying my burger. Although I liked the little hearts that the chef cutely placed on my chopping board, I guess it wasn’t enough to entice my already fading appetite. Also, if you’re not really into spiced burgers then you probably won’t like this burger either.


There were a lot of things I did not like about this place or the food but the service wasn’t really that bad. The place was clean so even though it was hot, we didn’t feel like we were being grilled liked our patties. There weren’t a lot of people so there wasn’t a problem with seating either and when my friend’s chair broke mid meal, the owner humbly apologized and provided us with a new one. But then again, chairs aren’t supposed to break mid meal, are they? haha. It could’ve gone worse, guys!

We probably went on one of our off days so I’m hoping that the next time we decide to drop by, they’ll have more items on their menu and that the necessary changes will be made. Grounded and Pounded seemed to me like a labor of love that had so much potential to develop and become more than it is. So even if I did not enjoy my first time there, I’m looking forward to seeing them improve for the next time we decide to try it out again.

Find out more about them here

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Yolk Coffee & Breakfast


 We always want the things we can’t have and despite my egg allergies, I quickly discovered the trying out Yolk was one of the things I just could not resist. No matter how hard I tried!

As soon as I walked into their quaint little establishment, I knew I was going to enjoy my egg and coffee filled dinner even if I knew it would lead to bad case of allergies right after… but it was all worth it!

The first thing I try to pay attention to when I enter a new place is the ambiance. Would it be a nice place to hang out with friends or go on a date? What kind of people would enjoy it and most especially, is the ambiance worth the price of not just to food I’m paying for but the overall experience? Walking into Yolk made me feel like I was about to dine at a rustic countryside cafe with it’s use of mixed materials and their homey feel. I loved how they used bricks, wood and cement to set the vibe right and their use of earth tone hues and smart prints to bring everything together. In a way, it sort of reminded me of my room which also means, I did not want to leave!



Prior to going to Yolk, I had asked my friends for suggestions on what to get while I was there. I originally planned on staying away from the eggs but everyone seemed to be pushing me towards the opposite direction so I guess, there was no way of dodging that bullet. The place is named Yolk, after all.

One friend did suggest ordering the IT’S SO FLUFFY (I COULD DIE!) mini-me pancakes [Php 180.00] so we ordered that aside from the Super Beefy Omelet [Php 180.00], Eggs Benny [P280.00] and of course, coffee.

My favorite among the three had to be the pancakes. It had an interesting syrup alternative that consisted of mashed mangoes and a soft but flavorful hint of cinnamon in the mixture. And yes, they were SO FLUFFY, I COULD DIE!

The Eggs Benny is something that I would definitely eat again with Paolo around for reference since he knows more about it than I do. But I did enjoy the variation of this egg as compared to the more common sunny side eggs and omelets.

Preference wise, I’m not a big omelette fan so I wouldn’t be able to give it a fair description. On the other hand, my little brother devoured the whole thing while still asking for seconds. He really liked it!





Yolk is one of the places you’d want to bring your family, friends and your significant others to because of it’s intimate ambiance and great food.

It’s one of those places you’d enjoy spending the afternoons at with a good cup of Joe while having conversations and of course, taking Instagram worthy photos!

Also, the staff there are great and are very accommodating, making your overall experience top notch!

Store Hours: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm (Tuesday- Sunday)

Address: 80 Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City

Telephone: (032) 231 0411

For more information you can contact them through:



#YolkCafePh/ #CebuEats



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