In Full Bloom feat. Mega Pui



Accessories are known to either make or break an outfit and although you will hardly ever see me wearing them, these floral accents are definitely something I am glad to keep in my small collection for days when I want to add an extra hint on femininity to my look. To be honest, I could never really get on board with the whole floral trend because it’s a bit overwhelming for my personality but these babies can finally ease me into it slowly but… surely! I especially love the material used in the products, they feel so real!

I was so lucky to be blessed with these Luculia Floral products all the way from Japan from Mega PuiThey are a website that caters to a bunch of your online needs, not only limited to fashion but also your electronic needs, as well. They even sell microscopes, guys! That is soo cool!!

Please do make sure to check out their site for endless hours of online shopping!




Luculia Hair Barrette (can be used as a hair tie or bracelet)


Luculia Rose Corsage (can be used as a hair clip or a pin)



Luculia Hair Band

(is this not how you wear a headband? haha)

I will be posting a video review about this site soon!



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The Best Burger In Cebu


We are on the look out for Cebu’s Best Burger. Yes guys, this is serious business.

Catch the pilot episode of my new food series focusing on finding the best food in Cebu, The Blind _______ Challenge. And of course I had to start with burgers!

This is just ONE of the many awesome things I have lined up for my new youtube channel so I hope you guys find the time to watch it, like and subscribe to my videos for more stuff like this.

Also, I know the video quality and the background and what not aren’t quite there but I am working to improving my videos in the near future so <3!

Follow Josh (@joshvarelawhut) and Jet (@jetluga) on Instagram!

Eat On,


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Small City Girl feat. Sammy Dress




I come from a small city but my dreams are pretty big and I guess when you’ve got dreams of running the world in style, you’ve got to dress the part, too.

Sammy Dress does a great job of providing me with endless choices of apparel to choose from that come in affordable prices. I love how they have so many things to choose from like wigs, winter wear, bikinis and everyday items that I can keep in my closet for a very long time. Just like this suede fringe skirt that brought so much life into my look.

Make sure to check them out. New members get a 10% discount!




Hat: Topshop| Polo: Ralph Lauren| Skirt: Sammy Dress| Heels: Parisian| Bag: Nine West



Photography by: Benj Montgomery

Dream on, Dreamer,


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Personal Vlog #2: Uniqlo, Event Vlogging and Long Lines

Uniqlo has FINALLY opened it’s doors to the Cebuano’s with their first branch in SM Northwing to be followed later on this year by their second branch at the SM City Seaside. With their signature basics made out of top of the line garments, perfect cuts and affordable prices; Uniqlo is sure to become one of Cebu’s favorite shopping places.

Check out my vlog from their VIP Pre- Shopping and Sake Ceremony that was held last October 22nd and how the store looks like if you haven’t had the time to drop by already.

Welcome to Cebu, Unqilo and Congratulations Big Speed PR for another successful event!

Watch Your Wallets,


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You Deserve Flowers


Let’s Stylize always has my back especially when it comes to my more lady-like dressing. I can always depend on them when it comes to picking out pieces perfect for special occasions, business meetings and other more chic occasions in my life.

I wore this dainty number during a very special meeting over the weekend and it made me realize how much dressing the part can help with building up confidence. Try to keep this in mind the next time you’re dressing up for an interview, a date or even a night out!




Double layer cami: Let’s Stylize| Shorts: Zara from Planet Exchange| Bag: Coach| Sandals: Carcar


Enjoy your weekend,


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Tee Tuesday’s @ Elated Industries

2015-09-29 05.16.56 1

  I’m  a sucker when it comes to go a good white tee and an even bigger one when it involves playful graphics on them.

Growing up, all I ever wore were graphic and statement shirts so being able to incorporate them in my wardrobe now not only hits close to home, it gives me a much needed break from my currently filled with chiffon and spandex wardrobe.

I first heard Elated Industries earlier this year where I even blogged about them here. Back then, they did not offer apparel for  ladies but I am so happy that I finally get to enjoy their products through their Tee Tuesday’s offerings where they release a new graphic shirt every Tuesday. 

2015-09-29 05.16.55 22015-09-29 05.16.54 1

Elated is really about creating a lifestyle and making your own stories. I love the amount of thought and work that they put into every single one of their products and how well they translate in their designs.

So if you’re looking for a local brand to fall in love with, I suggest you check out Elated’s products. There is always something for every one there.

Sorry for the crappy editing job but I like it!

Check out Elated Industries official website

Get updates from the Facebook page

Follow them on Instagram: @ifeelelated

Stay high,


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Cupcake Fever @ Douce Amor Pastries, Cebu


It’s hard not to fall in love with cupcakes especially when they come in pretty designs and taste better than they look. My sugar intake may be limited but my sweet tooth gave in to temptation one too many times with this box of red velvet cupcakes from Douce Amor Pastries.

I truly believe that passion makes everything in life so much better which is how these amazing red velvet cupcakes came to be. The proprietors, Alani and her boyfriend, Erlo aren’t bakers by profession but because of their passion, they were able to create something amazing. Also, I love how Douce Amor also means two love. It’s so inspiring! <3



Douce Amor Pastries offers frosted cupcakes at P500.00/ dozen and fondant cupcakes (which tastes amazing, btw) at P700.00/ dozen. And since we all know how everyone loves a good cupcake design, Douce Amor Pastries strives at making the perfect ones for your special occasion whether if it’s a cartoon, something elegant for a wedding or naughty cupcakes for a good pre- wedding gag.

They also offer cakes that start at P 1,500.00 depending on the size and design and dessert buffets and set ups for any special events.

cheap bridal veil


For orders/ inquiries, feel free to contact Douce Amore Pastries on FACEBOOK & Instagram (@douceamorpastries)

or contact them directly at 09238575024/ 09434340625.

Have a sweet Wednesday,


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Making The Cover with Sun Star Weekend


 A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to grace the cover our local newspaper’s weekend special.

It was such a wonderful opportunity to be able to be on the cover of Sun Star magazine because I got to tell my wonderful city about the things I love: working for our family business and blogging. For those who weren’t able to catch the article when it came out, here it is:




 OF WRITING AND WEARING. The bubbly Issa Perez, who keeps the fashion blog, also runs a garments company that supplies custom- made apparel for schools and companies.


 Easily Stylish Issa- Issa Perez lights up her world through fashion

By Deneb Batucan

WITH her upbeat demeanor and infectious smile, Issa Perez lights up any room. Her bright and bubbly personality shines through her small frame and eyes lock on her with every step — she greets everyone and plants a kiss on the cheek.

Issa has a knack of doing things her own way. Even though she studied nursing because of her parents’ wishes, her goal has always been into fashion. “Growing up, when people would ask me what I wanted to be, I would always say fashion writer or fashion designer,” she said.

Fast forward to today, Issa, a non- practicing registered nurse who passed the board exam even without reviewing, is creating her own path- just like what she has always planned. And fashion blogging has been her way of proving to herself, to her parents and to everyone else that her future lies in fashion.

Issa was just a 12- year- old girl when she started blogging. “I was in sixth grade at the time and it was just a personal blog or a diary that I kept online. I still keep that blog until now but I don’t advertise it as much as I do for my public blog,” she said.

She started, her publiv blog, five years ago when she felt more confident about herself and in telling others her stories. Not only does she blog about style and fashion, Issa also tries to mix up her content by writing about her travels, food adventures and other random things she finds interesting. “I want my blog to be relatable to people, which is why I talk about the things that matter to me, like my apparent quarter life crisis, friendships, saving tips, make up secrets and anything that I think my readers will like. By being honest with myself and the things I want to talk about, I’ve learned that my readers really do enjoy reading my posts,” she said.

But fashion is one thing that Issa concerns herself more. “For me, fashion is a lot of things. It’s an expression of who you are and at the same time a gateway to who you want to be. It can also be an escape when you’re too tired of being someone everyone expects you to be,” she shared.

Issa loves  to wear loose tops and sneakers- a clear example of who she is: an outgoing, somewhat boyish and sporty kind of woman. But Issa thinks that as a woman she needs to be more feminine. “By playing with my fashion style, I was able to explore that side of me that I wasn’t very familiar with. I was able to mix it with my personal style,” she said.

Aside from being a fashion blogger, Issa is also an entrepreneur. She is the proprietor of Citi Wear Dress Shop, a garments company that supplies custom- made apparel for schools and companies. It was founded in 1998 by Issa’s parents, Cathy and Lander Perez. Tired of working in the US, they opted to start a business here in Cebu to provide a better future for their children.

“I stated working for my parents as early as high school, but I was really able to take full control of the business some time last year when my parents decided they want to go back to the States. We’re preparing for that right now,” Issa confided.

Issa works hard on these two important aspects in her life: fashion blogging and the family business. She wants to see where these two aspects will take her. But what Issa ultimately wants in life is to provide for herself and her family without having to depend on anyone else. “I want to be able to repay my parents for all the sacrifices that they’ve made for me because they’ve put their 100 percent trut in me and my dream, which I know is something that can’t be easily done, especially for an extremely ambitious girl like me,” she shared.

And Issa is indeed ambitious. She wishes for to go into a more commercial side and wants to try out modeling or even delve into the entertainment scene since it’s something she could see herself doing. She also wants to open up a retail store and try out high fashion. Currently, she’s venturing into vlogging, which is more or less like blogging but in a video platform. “Honestly, everything interests me, so I’ll most likely try everything at least once. I also really want to buy a pug,” she laughingly shared.

These ambitions will most likely be attained with hard work, perseverance and a bit of luck by her side. And with everything that she does, Issa will always have that signature smile- on sunny days and rainy days and even during hurricanes.


Here are a few Behind The Scene photos from our photo shoot:




A big thanks to Alfred Bartoleme, Deneb Batucan and the Hair & Make Up team of Sun Star for this wonderful, once in a lifetime experience!

To more wonderful experiences like this,


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“She Says” for Zee Lifestyle

The past 2 months have been extremely hectic but I am definitely not complaining! I’m suddenly finding myself attending to more photoshoots, giving modeling workshops (although I’ve never really seen myself as a model), attending more events and being more committed to being a blogger.

This months’ highlight is being on Zee Lifestyle’s Men’s issue where I share my thoughts about boys, dating in Cebu and everything else in between! I’m super proud of this issue and I’m so happy that my first feature in a magazine really let me express who I am. Also, it was pretty awesome that I got to talk about boys cuz boys are like…  my favorite topic! HAHA. Just kidding.





Please grab an issue of this month’s Zee Lifestyle magazine! They are available in Rustan’s grocery stores and National Bookstore outlets for P150.00.


Follow me on snapchat: issaplease

Instagram: @issaplease

Till the next,


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Bloggers Do It Better


Blogging has been around for at least over a decade and like the sweater suggests, I do believe that there are some thing that bloggers are actually better at doing such as:

1. Disseminating information and sharing ideas to the world.

– Let’s be honest, whether it’s the latest gossip; world issues or just their innermost thoughts and ideas, bloggers are pretty good at getting the word around. 

 2. Making the real world look so boring.

– There’s a lot that goes on behind the cameras when it comes to blogging (not matter what genre it is)- like in this shoot, behind this camera is a pig sty but a bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do. Plus, angles. Don’t worry, I cleaned up afterwards.


 3. Taking awesome photos or at least, conceptualizing them.

-Two words: Flat lay


4. Excellent time management skills

– A job, a sideline business to support our camera/ clothes/ dining needs, events and still managing to consistently blog while managing to keep a personal life with friends and family? Piece of cake!


  5. Putting ourselves out there and being thick skinned

– We get ridiculed and teased a lot but it’s all good. We’re proud of our craft and we don’t need any one else’s approval.


6. Self learning internet skills

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only blogger who’s self taught myself how to use and actually understand certain html and css codes. It’s cheaper than having to pay someone to do it and there is absolutely nothing can come in the way of our ideal layout dreams!

And more!


Sweater: Mango| Yoga shorts: Aeropostale| Knee length socks: Darlington


So yes, bloggers do do it better and for the record and in defense of my Instagram account – I really do hate hashtags but we all have to do it! :))

Currently reading: Stupid is Forever/ Dark Spaces



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