What’s In My Bag? feat. Metro Gaisano Shoe & Bag Sale

It’s quite a silly video, isn’t it?

My favorite red tags are back and are making a long term appearance ’til the end of the month! Yes fellow shopaholics, shopping this entire month will be a little less guilt free with the awesome sales that Metro Gaisano has to offer- this post specifically highlighting their bag and shoe sale!

For the entire month of November, indulge in various sales all over the Metro stores ranging from their shoes, bags, make up, home items and everything else in between!

Travel bugs out there will be pleased to discover that Metro is specifically holding a Travel Gear sale from October 27- November 26, 2017 with various travel gear items up for grabs from suit cases, carry on bags, travel gear items and more! Scroll down for a little sneak peek:

Happy shopping,

Issa P.


[VLOG] Dear Adobers, Paano Magsabi Ng “I Love You” Kay Crush


Ika’y tagiya sa kalibutan, besh? Ayaw pagbuot! ?

Just kidding. It’s just fun to piss of the haters sometimes. Or all the time, actually.

Here’s some unsolicited advice from me and my friends!

p.s. Never take advice from me.


IssaTalks Episode 16: Everything You Need To Know About Vlogging Part I & II ft. Christian Layese & Anne Cruz

Thank you soo much to Anne Cruz & Christian Earl Layese for coming over on the show tonight. I had soo much fuuun.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here are the links:
Part I: https://www.facebook.com/issapleasetalks/videos/1403056786455698/

Part II:

Thank you to Cung Nqa Quisumbing of The Sentral & Matcha Garden for being with us this week- you guys are awesome! ♥

Make sure to follow Christian and Anne on their respective Youtube channels here:
Christian: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC78SzWjZTbRZmTRYzfB3AVQ
Anne: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm_WYY5KKozJGmj4CFUR7sg

Again, if you want to catch my previous podcasts, you can check it out here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/issatalks/id1212196321…

Have an awesome week!! ♥


Issa P.

[VLOG] April 2017 Daily Vlogs

I have discovered the simple joys of daily vlogging!

Some of you may say that Issaplease has slowly become a dump of a lot of things but in my honest opinion, Issaplease is an extension of who I am and I’ve realized that as I grow older, your need to document and remember things are no longer limited to fashion, food, where you travel and who you hang out with but also the little memories like what you ate for breakfast and saying “I love you” to a special someone. I document these things because I want my future children to see them and see what our lives were before them and well, it’s always nice to reminisce the good ol days.

I hope you enjoy this!


Issa P.

[VLOG] My Daily Make Up Routine + Feminine Eye Shadow Look

Hey everyone!

Been playing around with make up, videos, Sony Vegas & just everything that I can get my little eager hands on.

I’m quite proud of this video, quality wise, despite the fact that I got too lazy towards the end to make a decent voice over. But when it all comes down to it, I feel like it kind of worked! I mean, how else am I supposed to show you guys my polar opposites?

Anyways, today is the day we bury my grandpa and we pick up & install our new A.C. unit. I hope you all have a great weekend!


Issa P.

[VLOG] Surviving Manila Traffic

Currently in Manila and on our way to ABS CBN’s multi- channel network Chicken, Pork, Adobo’s Christmas party. Yes, I am a kapamilya. *insert fireworks*

In lieu of this, we’ve been sent over here for a week to get to know one another, learn a few tips and tricks of the trade and of course, to have a really good December! So here’s to new adventures!

Enjoy this vlog of our first day here in Manila in all its glorious TRAFFIC.

I die,

Issa P.

[VLOG] September Favorites


My monthly favorite vlogs are finally back after 4 long months. Sorry, friends!

But anyways, help yourselves to the things that have kept me sane while I was gone.

Love you all,

Issa Perez

Sugbo Mercado Dos @ Ayala Business Park


In line with Sugbo Mercado‘s goal of being able to open food markets in different key locations in the city, their newest outlet at the Ayala Business Park is a clear sign that they are well on their way! Their second branch, which is located behind CIC Main and the MSY building which is also known as the “jogging area” of Ayala, still has everything we have come to love from their first branch which includes tents, ample tables and chairs, a laid back ambiance and that awesome sense of community that is hard to find anywhere else.


I have always patronized this weekend food market because it gives closet or aspiring chefs the opportunity to put themselves out there and get an experience of how it is to run their own business. At the same time, it gives people like me the opportunity to explore my palette without going home empty handed. It’s a fair compromise for everyone plus, the view is great and the music is always on point!


If you want to catch my vlog about how to survive a night at Sugbo Mercado, check it out here.

Another thing that I love so much about Sugbo Mercado are the interesting stories of each and every vendor. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own interesting back stories which I think makes the food taste even better. There’s always something special about our homegrown establishments which you can find out more about on their blog. Their first feature is about a good friend of mine and his success story about Hala Paella and Papa Churros which you can read more about here. They’ve only featured one so far but I am so excited to read about more success stories in the near future.

On their opening weekend, they launched with around 32 vendors and the list continues to grow with each coming week so forgive me if a few of these vendors might not be there anymore or if I’ve missed out on some. But in a nutshell, here is a list of the vendors I was able to meet and their corresponding links so you can check out their menu offerings and prices:

Of course, what kind of food blog would this be without some enticing food photos? Here are some photos of the food I was able to sample during the media launch:


Herbed Chicken from Tausug Spices

DSCF0644Fried ice cream from Soul Food


Quesadillas from Bueno JC Mexicano


Seafood bowl from Fun Seafood Corner


Paella Valenciana from Hala Paella


Chicken Proben in Mediterranean & Japanese sauce


Spicy lechon belly from Kuzina Guadalupe


Taco Mac & Cheese from Macology 101


Churros from Papa Churros


Customized pasta from Yum-In-A-Box


Hawaiian Pizza Cone


Shaved Ice from Sno


Pork belly from Eat, Meat, Repeat


Pork bun from Pao Baw
DSCF0613Classic Lemonade from John Lemon


Pad Thai from Wokstarz


Enchilada from Papagayu Azul

So far my favorites have been the Proben Deluxe de Cagayan in Mediterranean & Belgian chocolate sauce, the Hawaiian Pizza cone, John Lemon’s lemonade, everything from Pow Bao, Hala Paella and Wokstarz. I’ll definitely be back this weekend to sample more because you know… why not?

Sugbo Mercado Dos will be open on the following dates: 

Sugbo Mercado-IT Park: Wednesday to Sunday, July 6-10, 5PM-1AM!

Sugbo Mercado-CBP : Thursday to Sunday, July 7-10, 4PM-12MN!

For more updates, check out their official blog here

For business inquiries, find out how to join here

Also, follow them on instagram here

Stay hungry, Stay thirsty… Stay alive,

Issa P.

Back To School Looks

In case you haven’t had the chance to catch my Back To School Looks & Must Haves video, I’ve also taken the liberty of providing you with still images of the outfits that I wore.

I hope they help you gain some inspiration for your school looks!






Catch the video here

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Study hard,

Issa P.