The Best Burger In Cebu


We are on the look out for Cebu’s Best Burger. Yes guys, this is serious business.

Catch the pilot episode of my new food series focusing on finding the best food in Cebu, The Blind _______ Challenge. And of course I had to start with burgers!

This is just ONE of the many awesome things I have lined up for my new youtube channel so I hope you guys find the time to watch it, like and subscribe to my videos for more stuff like this.

Also, I know the video quality and the background and what not aren’t quite there but I am working to improving my videos in the near future so <3!

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Personal Vlog #2: Uniqlo, Event Vlogging and Long Lines

Uniqlo has FINALLY opened it’s doors to the Cebuano’s with their first branch in SM Northwing to be followed later on this year by their second branch at the SM City Seaside. With their signature basics made out of top of the line garments, perfect cuts and affordable prices; Uniqlo is sure to become one of Cebu’s favorite shopping places.

Check out my vlog from their VIP Pre- Shopping and Sake Ceremony that was held last October 22nd and how the store looks like if you haven’t had the time to drop by already.

Welcome to Cebu, Unqilo and Congratulations Big Speed PR for another successful event!

Watch Your Wallets,


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Personal Vlog #1: DIY Photo shoots & Being Anti Social

Hey everyone!

I’m officially sharing personal vlogs on Youtube to show you guys what a typical day in my life is like. I wanted to be able to share my life with everyone in a way that’s raw and unfiltered- I really hope you like this new series!

Check out my first video and find out how I do my own photo shoots, get a tour of my EXTREMELY SMALL shooting space and find out more about me- weird and everything.

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Rainy Daze Are Here Again

Hey everyone, hey!! It took me a while to finally decide to do this basically because I wasn’t sure if I was confident enough to venture into vlogging but I guess we’ll never really know unless we try, right? Yes. And I know this isn’t my best work but it can only get better from here, I promise!

I am so in love with these rain boots that I got as a gift last year but I always get funny stares from people when I take them out. A part of me thinks that the Philippines isn’t quite ready for them but a bigger part of me says that we just need to be taught how to wear them. Common Pinoy folk assume that rain boots are the magsasakas and there’s nothing wrong with that, I think we just haven’t embraced it’s full potential yet.

So here’s a quick video with my tips and tricks when wearing rain boots here in the Philippines! I hope you enjoy!



Letterman jacket: Terranova (but stolen from the boyfriend)| Infinity scarf: Old Navy| Romper: Let’s Stylize



Cardigan: Gaisano Grand Department Store| Silk top: Let’s Stlyize| Dolphin shorts: Pink Lemonade (@pinklemonstore on Instagram)



Hat: SM Department Store| Dress: Forever21

Rain boots: Tommy Hilfiger

I hope you enjoyed this entry and I can’t wait to make more videos for you guys to enjoy! Let me know what you guys want to see in the comments. And as all youtubers go, please subscribe, like and follow! <3


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