The Captions That Didn’t Make It On Issaplease

Did a shoot for an arcade, it was obviously fun despite the fact that I might be a little too old to be hanging out at an arcade to begin with. Figured I would have some fun with my awkward and candid photos…

Why? Because I make fun of myself waaaay too much, the world might as well hear it.


Kinsa maning mga KPop-a oi? Wa man ko’y nailhan ani. Pwede “asereje” nalang?


Smile2 kuno pero kamatyunon na diay toh. Ang pamaol ugma, dzai. Atimana.


hahahahhahahaha akong mattress


That’s it, I give up. I’m too old for this shit.


I don’t actually know you but I’m going to cheer for you as if I really cared. GOOOO….. Kevin?


I’m pretty sure I’m the only one with a license here… Also, where are the seat belts on this thing? SAFETY FIRST! (while sanitizing stirring wheel) #titaproblems


Hahahahaha panguli namo kay klase pa mo ugma.


Nganu grabeh man kaayo ka maka ikid2x, dai? Di na siya sakto ha! MAMATAY KO SA IMONG TWERK2X, DAI!!

p.s. I swear I didn’t do anything to her in this picture!


Leeerd, tabang. Sakit na kaayo akong bat.ang!!


Kung mu pili gani ka kanang practical ha? Don’t choose something that you won’t use over and over again. If it helps you learn, the better. What good is it if it’s fun but it doesn’t teach you anything? (while wiping spit on baby brother’s side bang para mu pilit)

I will be giving away a bunch of prepaid cards on If you came here to be informed, you’re at the wrong blog- I purely entertain on this one.


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