Tissle Tassel

2014-12-22 03.08.04 1A quick tip for any woman who feels like it’s almost impossible to incorporate red in their outfits because either

[1] You feel like red just isn’t your color

[2] You hate it when people ask you if it’s your birthday

[3] Ala Santa just isn’t your thing

There is hope for weirdos like us.

2014-12-22 03.08.15 12014-12-22 03.09.21 1

 For the slightly Erythrophobics like me, maybe a slight change of perception might just do the trick!

I’ve discovered that the quickest fix to my fear of the all bright red things can be fixed by playing down the hues and finding something more suitable for my skin tone, personality and style. Apparently it’s red’s somewhat lonesome and erotic cousin- Maroon.

2014-12-22 03.08.43 1

2014-12-22 03.10.43 1

2014-12-22 03.09.30 1

 I’ve come to a realization that colors with darker undertones with hints of brighter colors do the trick for me. In this piece, I’m wearing hints of gold, pink and white which aren’t overbearing but still allow me to feel comfortably boho and girly at the same time- just how I like it!

Plus, the tassels on my top are a cute addition to my entire look. Don’t you think?

2014-12-22 03.09.38 1Shades: Rayban| Kimono top; Faux Leather Shorts & Tassle Top: Greenhills| Gold Sandals: Francesca CollectionHat: Topshop| Nails: GirlStuff



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