While You Are Sleeping

Do not love me because I wish to be loved

Because I am perpetually obsessed with the thought of someone thinking of me as the sun and the stars in their sky or the earth that they walk on

Do not love me because I smother you with questions of “do you love me?” “do you love me?”

Because sometimes actions are not enough even when they are a hundredfold and I just need to hear it

Do not love me because I love you

Because everything you do and every thought I have has always been and will always be about you

But please love me because it is what your heart wants you to do. Though my egocentric, in constant need of validation, suffocating, crazy, tireless ways may wear you out- even when on the outside I try to act cool but on the inside I’m actually crying at how much I really love you, I hope you can and that you do love me not because I need you to but because you just do.


Thank you for letting me play Uncharted. And for selling the thought of a Nintendo Switch to me. I don’t know if it’s more for me or for you sometimes but what the heck, I want one! lol.

p.s. You are beautiful. I love you.

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