why i will NOT stroke your ego…

i know that’s what you want me to do. and i know that if i want you to like me more than you do [if you do] then it would be smart of me to just do it.

but then again, maybe i don’t need you to like or love me the way i thought i did before. maybe, if you didn’t have those feelings for me, i would still turn out all right. Maybe i don’t need you as much as i thought i did when we started out.

i know you expect me to be this and that and i’m sorry to disappoint you but who do you think you are in the first place to even put yourself in such a high position to expect such things from me? we’re all human and i hope you’ve learned by now that it’s better when you don’t expect anything because it’s just sweeter that way.

ambot na bitaw. you just disappoint me so much. you want so many things you can’t have. and the things you can, you want all at the same time.

i will NOT stroke your ego even if i’m risking you. it just doesn’t matter to me anymore. be with who ever you want. i was always right, people always leave

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