you are everything i could ever wish for <3

i’m back to my old sickness. no, it’s more of an addiction, really. a text twist addiction!!! 😀

i swear, it’s crazy! lol. i’ve been craving to play it all day and yeah. i’m about to play it right now. just have to download a plug-in or something. [btw, i’m not at home.]

today’s a saturday and it’s been a pretty awesome one, too!

first i went to school in the morning where we were supposed to have to our pre NCAE’s [sort of like leakage, really] but yeah, i didn’t bother answering it properly. it’s not like i care for stuff like that. i just want someone to say that i’m not supposed to be a nurse and that i should take up an awesome course like fashion designing, law, writting or something. hahaha. just so i know that i’m not supposed to be dressed in white see through uniforms for the rest of my life and i’ll be ok. lol.

school was ayt. it just got really fcuked up in the end. me and james fought again and like, idk, we just weren’t ok and that made me cry soo hard in front of the guys and yumi at school. that sucked ass cuz they HAD to see me cry. fuck.

but after a while james cooled down and picked me up at ayala and we went to his aunt’s house. HAHA. we both got really scared, too cuz his parent’s didn’t know that i was there and i’d proli be dead if they did but his aunt knew and for some strange reason, james’s parents ended up going to their house to eat and we kinda got stranded their and i had to hide in this room where all their fans were or something. i really don’t know what that room was for. rich people. i never get their world. lmao.

well, when i got there, i thought we’d be screaming at each other. [hell, i even thought he’d call it quits] but we hugged it off and we were ayt. i wouldn’t bother initiating an argument with him though. not when i only see him during the weekends and time is soo precious. i never wanna waste the time i spend with him arguing over something that i’m not even going to remember about a few minutes after, you know? he means more to me than little fights.

then we both went to church then sunny hills then he dropped me off at sto.nino and then i went to btc with ken, yumi and tharra and then watched chab and jet’s show at stc.

after that ken dropped me off and waterfront where i met up with grany and annie. me and granny went to crossroads and i got to hang out with james and his and my friends. i ALMOST got to go inside vudu. idk, next time. lmao.

i’m so cool, i party with my grandmother. HAHAHAHA.

then we got ien and mariz and  i went home.

ken’s my new singing partner. haha. the best number 3. i’m 1st then james then him then chab. he’s only 3 today though.

james looked fiiiiiiiiiiiiine in his polo whatever you call it. i always appreciate a guy in clothes like that gyud. makes him look so clean and formal and gaaah. hot. i swear, i’ve got the hots for that boy and this is the only time i’ll admit it. cuz most of the time i’m always calling him a loser and not appreciating him but omg, i swear, he’s like the coolest, hottest guy that i would ever spend my time with :]

i’d blog more but we’re both sleepy. so scoot!

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