your words are no strangers to me

despite our sleep over being the best soo far, i can’t help but admit that it was full of “i’m pitiful” moments. sigh.

full of, “i miss hims” and of “i don’t know what to do’s.”

i think i want to turn into a smoker. i don’t know. i want to try a black bat, dj mix, lucky strikes and all those other highly commercialized suicide sticks.

i want to start cutting myself on a regular basis and puking my food out and wearing my hair to the side just like those typical emo kids do.

i wanna be that typical teenager with all those fucked up things rolled into one.

call me crazy. but i blame PMS. it’s got to be PMS because i know that this is not permanent.

i just saw your name pop out from the side of my screen. i know it’s not really you but i saw it anyways and i can’t help but wish it was you and that you’d call me and talk to me and just make me feel better with just the sound of your voice

i don’t know what i was thinking. i don’t know what to think anymore either. i just hate the fact that you’re too scared to be with me. how much more could you possibly hurt me?

i think it’s actually humuorous how i’m soo affected by the whole deal when i knew that this would happen. i guess was just fantasizing again..poor kid.

I wish you’d tell me that you couldn’t break my heart to my face. i wish you’d tell me that you love me and i wish that you’d say it while looking straight into my eyes so that.. wa lang, experience. HAHA. jk.

seriously, i’m ok. maybe a little bit of me isn’t. i mean, who would be? but you know, if it’s for the best then why waste it?

but the truth is, you were the best thing that could ever exist in my life right now


pisti ka.

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