Zerothreetwo Releases Puso Dad Hats

Cebuano’s are proud of a lot of things that make the world  a better place whether it be our picturesque beaches, our impeccable hospitality, amazing dishes and what have you. Given all these things, the best part about being Cebuano is our sense of pride that travels far and wide whether it be in our own salas, across the country or all over the world.

Once again, Zerothreetwo gives Cebuano all over the globe another chance to show off our pride through these puso dad hats that are available in a wide array of colors to match any style and mood.

I got mine in khaki with a hint of blues to achieve that classic dad/ tourist look wherever I go!


Not digging the muted tones? There are a lot of colors to choose from!

Get your caps here.

Do not fret, my hair shall and WILL grow,

Issa P.


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