Avril Lavigne Ruins Everything


  Min’na saikō arigatō,

K-k-k-kawaii, k-k-k-kawaii!

[Sorry guys, I just HAD to!]


Here’s a quick look to add some sunshine to a gloomy day!

I am still very much obsessed with my slip on dress from Blind Clothing and this floppy hat I got from Vaniila Ice Cream’s, Gizelle Faye. So I can get away with wearing the same dress over and over again, I like to pair it off with cropped tops with interesting prints like this department store Hello Kitty top.

I’m not ashamed to say that I run out of things to wear and that I like to repeat a lot of my looks especially if I’ve acquired a specific liking to it- I’m not a one time done type of girl when it comes to dressing and I’m OK with that. It’s also extremely easy to tell what items I am obsessed with because I’ll constantly wear them and rave about them on my blog. As to my memory those items are: this hat, my white polo shirts and soon enough: my rain boots.

Some things I will never be comfortable wearing: hoop/ dangling earrings, one piece swim suits and a heavy amount of pink. Funny, cuz I’m wearing hoop earings in this photo. [long story!]



Have a great weekend!



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