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I’ve got a reason to smile during this rainy season and I don’t need to walk a mile to get it- they’re already on my feet!

Since my job requires a lot of walking and commuting, what better way is there to face the rain and winds than with a pair of durable and not to mention, fashionable rain boots? They’re light, functional and on a fashion-over-function perspective- they definitely catch a lot of attention!

To say that these boots get the job done would certainly be an understatement… they not only keep my feet dry but since they come with a felt lining, they also keep my toes warm and toasty. Now I don’t need to worry about missing out on deliveries nor do I need to worry about ruining my favorite shoes on account of the rain… I’ve got protection 😉


I can’t figure out where my love for the rain came about. Having grown up in Texas, California and then the Philippines; you’d think I’d love everything sunny but my true love comes in the form of a dark overcast, strong winds and layers on top of layers… on top of layers.

When mixing and matching pieces, always remember the vital parts of your body that you feel need the extra warmth. In case of crazy winds, I like to keep a scarf in handy to protect my ears, neck, nose and mouth.

Fashion godess, Lauren Conradhas a 5 step play-by-play as how to go about with layering which I just have to share because it’s absolutely “bible”. She suggests starting with a lightweight basic like a simple cami followed by a cute cardigan, topped by a coat but since our weather isn’t THAT cold, I say choose between a cardigan, coat or a jacket and spice the entire look up with a cute scarf, beanie or even some gloves in case your fingers need the extra attention.


Stockings are always a great and easy way to counter the weather especially for those who work in offices and colder areas. They’re also a great way to add proportion to the boxy/ over sized top combo and they’ve revolutionized so much over the years that they’re just really fun to wear!

My collection of stockings mostly come from Forever21. You can check them out here.



There’s no to excuse to “lazy weather” especially when work needs to be done. Sometimes we just need to get off our “soon-to-be-toned” butts, put on an outfit that makes us want to take on the world and actually do it!

And don’t forget your umbrella!


Here are some photos from the Everything Online Bazaar we attended last weekend:

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, jean yu, anything goes by jean yu, cebu bazaars

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu events, cebu bazaars, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, cebu, anything goes by jean yu, jean yu

[From left- right] The Kat’s Meow, The Curious Chup, Miss Everything and Nothing, Issaplease and Anything Goes by Jean Yu

[I’m such a loser for not having a tag line. HAHA!]

everything online weekend bazaar, cebu events, cebu bazaars, cebu bloggers, cebu fashion bloggers, cebu, anything goes by jean yu, jean yu

Photo credits to:

Anything Goes | Jean Yu | Cebu Fashion Bloggerby Jean C Yu 



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