gay is the new “pretty”

so today was the first day of official duty. Although i did go to the community yesterday, it wasn’t counted as one cause we didn’t do much except observe. today we were more hands on and omg, it was something.

i guess i never really thought about what i actually have to do when i start working in the community. i never really thought that nursing was about service and shit, i was just always floating around waiting for people to tell me what to do and when to do it. I don’t even know how to freaking sweep floors for god’s sake! it is the most embarrassing thing ever- not knowing things you’re supposed to know. i felt like people thought i was some irresponsible brat or something. and yeah, it was verbalized by some of my members… 🙁

but yeah, at first i was soo scared to do anything cuz i was scared to screw up. then once i did start doing something, i only did the things that could get my requirements for graduation done but then people starting in and you could tell that these people REALLY needed help. and then the workers there were soo welcoming despite the fact that they were so busy and don’t even get paid enough. they were soo willing to help and then it just made me realize that, i have a responsibility to do even if i don’t like nursing. it made me feel like I wanted to do something, i wanted to offer what i knew and what i actually could do. and then it just changed everything.

after duty, i was really tired but knowing that i accomplished so much in just one day made everything seem worth it. and then, for the first time ever, i actually said that i want to be a nurse.

i’m such a traitor.

so that’s that. we’ll see what’ll happen. it’s only been one day after all.

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  1. Good luck!! :). That’s awesomely cute that you don’t know how to sweep floors, little princess *petpet* hahaha kidding kidding XD. You’ll pick it up really fast :)! When I started working at McDonalds I ‘knew how to sweep’ but I did it soooooo slowly XD. You’re really kind for helping those people ^_^!! I’ll be cheering for you :D!

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