Sundays Are For Ladies






Growing up I would often hear my mom tell us to look our Sundays’ best during the Sabbath.  Of course, I try my best to look my best everyday but Sunday dressing is always a little bit more thought of and special. For this particular Sunday look, I was unable to go to church but I made sure to it that I looked my best for Cebu In The Bags’ last day- even if it meant looking as girly as ever!

On most days, I really have a hard time incorporating girlier pieces into my wardrobe but this top from Let’s Stylize fit so well that any prohibitions I had about my experimental look quickly went away!

Ladies, It’s not a crime to want to try new things especially when it comes to fashion. People tell me all the time that if I want to establish myself in this industry I should “distinguish my style” but you know what, I’d rather be myself (crazy and unpredictable) rather than boring. I am not going to be defined by fashion nor will I be identified for singular style, I’m going to be one of the few who defines it and is unapologetic about what I want to wear and when I want to wear it. So here’s my advice to the tomboys who wanna dress sexier or to the girly girls who wanna look edgier and fierce: DO IT! If it doesn’t work out the first time, try again and find what really makes you comfortable and don’t let others opinion defy you.

I’m usually comfortable in shorts and loose tops but when days come when I want to feel a little bit sexier, I’ll wear a little polka dotted tube top, a midi skirt and some black wedges… I’ll even throw on a bohemian hat for a little familiarity! And if people don’t get it, it’s ok, sometimes people have tiny brains. 😉

Hope that inspires the hell out of you!

From one tomboy to another,


A special thanks to Let’s Stylize for my top (and others which will be featured on the blog)!

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