the best times and the worst times

i just got home from school today. school was… something. i think today’s emo week. yumi’s in the hospital right now, internal hemorage [idk how to spell it] basta, moa na nah xa.

people at school know about me leaving the house. they know because i cried. i cried because god, remembering everything that happened makes me go crazy and that just makes me cry.

aside from that, school was ayt, i guess. i slept on the floor most of the day cuz i was tired. well, who wouldn’t be??

so yeah. i’m at home [from now on, grany’s place will be referred to as home] right now and james is coming over in a bit. he’s bringing his one tree hill dvd’s and we’re going to watch it together cuz i left mine at my old house [note: old house] and i’m so bored and i wanna spend time with him. he’s my happy pill right now and forever. <33

granny dared me not to see him for 2 days. and i said no. HAHA. she’s fun. she kept teasing me and she made me shout and slap her knee. haha. and then she told me that if he comes over today, he can’t come over tomorrow and i said that that was fine cuz i have a party to go to tomorrow anyways and i told her that if he’d be there, i’d tell her.

it’s so much easier like this. you know, i can tell granny stuff. and even if she says no, i’ll still get my way. HAHA. sometimes though i wonder if i should still lie about some tiny details, though. just because i’m soo used to it. but then i don’t want to lie to grany cuz she already took me in when my mom didn’t want me or when i didn’t want to be with her anymore and the last thing i can do for her is to give her my honesty.

besides, she isn’t dramatic like my parents. so i can chilll. :p

i’m better now. i miss the kids so much though. so so much it sucks 🙁

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