the ups and downs

it’s my first morning here. i’m getting ready for school and grany’s on the computer so it’s easy for me to blog and shit.

life is kinda slow paced. like, the clock is slow and i’m hardly in a hurry. not like at home where i have to be in a hurry all of the time. i don’t miss anything or anyone yet except for the heater at home.

i still have a bitchin’ headache. argh, i hate this.

i’m in my civilian attire cuz i left my pe.i don’t even have rubber schoes. fuck.

i also realized that i left

most of my underwear
my toothbrush [but thank god i have one here]
a lot of my going out clothes
my shoes
and my favorite necklace. 🙁

gtg. school. updates later. mom and grany’ll talk. i’m not excited.

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