Why I Am Still Awake

  1. Because I will not be 24 for long.
  2. Because my brain only seems to function at this time of the day
  3. Because I changed the theme to my email and it surprisingly changes during the night, as well. Hence:


4. I just had a bowl of noodles and I heard that if you sleep right after eating you could die. I don’t want to please my enemies that easily.

5. @codyandfriends the instagram account just cannot wait until tomorrow!! It’s happening, people! I am officially a crazy dog lady.

6. My thoughts are better at night because I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s bullshit but my own.

7. I genuinely enjoy being alone and spending time with myself.

I’ll try to sleep. If I blog in 2 hours tho… you know what’s up

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