Celebrate Christmas with Tatang’s Boneless Lechon







Nothing speaks of a good ol traditional Cebuano meal quite like lechon does. It doesn’t even matter if you just had lechon the other day, the reality is: if you see lechon, you’ll eat it. And lots of it. Because you are a Cebuano and it’s in your blood. You love it.

My most recent discovery of lechon places is Tatang’s lechon which is located in Lahug, across Pino restuarant. Having been my second time there, I was quite surprised to have missed their awesome menu during my first visit, which are different Filipino dishes that have been incorporated with lechon. It was very interesting to have had lechon wrap, lechon flakes, lechon with bagoong (my FAVE!!), lechon in lumpia and many more! Definitely something worth trying if you’ve had your fair share of lechon over the holidays but still don’t want to deprive yourself of this wonderful delicacy.


Lechon wrap

3 pieces – P 85.00

6 pieces – P 165.00


Lechon flakes 

Ala Carte – P 125.00

Value meal – P 95.00


Boneless lechon (@ various prices for regular and spicy)


Lechon kare- kare @ P 120.00


Lechon lumpia


Lechon dinuguan @P 49.00

Celebrate this Christmas with your loved ones together with Tatang’s lechon. For reservations, inquiries and deliveries call/ text 032-3164719 or 09175478561.

Happy feasting,


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Da Vinci’s Pizza, Every Cebuano’s Favorite Pizza

What does it mean to be a Cebuano? Is it the way we talk, the way we dress or the way we act?

No matter where in the world I am, to me, being a Cebuano is coming home to the things that remind me of home.  And when you ask me what pizza reminds me of home, it will always be Da Vinci’s Pizza, home of the famous white sauce pizza’s.

They recently did a revamping of the entire brand and a few of their changes included updated interiors, new items on their menu (including promos!) and a brand new commercial!

Pause the video at 0:08 for a little surprise!


Make sure to check out Da Vinci’s Pizza during your next food trip! They have branches located at: Jones Ave., Super Metro Colon, SM City Consolacion, Parkmall Mandaue, Shopwise Mambaling, IT Park Lahug, Marina Mall Mactan, & SM City Cebu.

For reservations/ deliveries, call them up at: 268 8888

Follow them on Facebook for promos

Official Website


Check out their latest promotion here:







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Cupcake Fever @ Douce Amor Pastries, Cebu


It’s hard not to fall in love with cupcakes especially when they come in pretty designs and taste better than they look. My sugar intake may be limited but my sweet tooth gave in to temptation one too many times with this box of red velvet cupcakes from Douce Amor Pastries.

I truly believe that passion makes everything in life so much better which is how these amazing red velvet cupcakes came to be. The proprietors, Alani and her boyfriend, Erlo aren’t bakers by profession but because of their passion, they were able to create something amazing. Also, I love how Douce Amor also means two love. It’s so inspiring! <3



Douce Amor Pastries offers frosted cupcakes at P500.00/ dozen and fondant cupcakes (which tastes amazing, btw) at P700.00/ dozen. And since we all know how everyone loves a good cupcake design, Douce Amor Pastries strives at making the perfect ones for your special occasion whether if it’s a cartoon, something elegant for a wedding or naughty cupcakes for a good pre- wedding gag.

They also offer cakes that start at P 1,500.00 depending on the size and design and dessert buffets and set ups for any special events.

cheap bridal veil


For orders/ inquiries, feel free to contact Douce Amore Pastries on FACEBOOK & Instagram (@douceamorpastries)

or contact them directly at 09238575024/ 09434340625.

Have a sweet Wednesday,


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Gibbs’ Hot Wings @ The Streetscape + Giveaway


Gibbs’ Hot Wings has always been a personal favorite of mine and Paolo’s, too. As a couple who enjoys eating together, Gibbs’ has quickly and more importantly, consistently proven itself to being a place where Cebuano’s can go to to relax and enjoy good food. To be quite honest with everyone, I first stepped into Gibbs’ some time last year by invitation (check out the blog here) but every other trip after that was self imposed and my cravings have gone so far as to me abusing Food Panda for constant home deliveries. No shame.

It’s quite ironic that I constantly crave for Gibbs’ Hot Wings when the reality was, at first I was not an avid  chicken wings eater nor am I a fan of spicy food.  I have Gibbs’ to thank for my change of heart! Paolo on the other hand is crazy about this combination is always raving about how their wings are by far his favorite in Cebu.

So what are my favorite dishes at Gibbs? The wedges, the pasta (especially the carbonara), the Angel wings and a bunch of the items on their new menu!


With Gibbs’ finally opening their 2nd store at a more accessible location, they have also added a couple of new dishes to their menu such as: The Hickory Wings, Wasabi Wings, Nachos, Mac and Cheese and a bunch of new desserts!


Hickory Ribs

It’s the perfect combination of sweet and barbecue flavors. It’s not spicy either so it’s perfect for us people who can’t handle anything too spicy.


Wasabi Wings

This new dish is Paolo’s new go to dish. He says he loves the incorporation of the chicken and wasabi but it can be a little bit strong on the nose which is normal for any wasabi eater.



If you’re a chips eater, you’re sure to enjoy this dish. It’s a great replacement of the potato wedges and



Mac and Cheese

Easily one of my favorites from their menu!


With my favorite, Coy Oliva!


NOW for my favorite part, giveaway time! I will be giving out P600.00 worth of GC’s to ONE lucky person. Follow me on Instagram: @issaplease to find out how to win these babies!

For more updates, follow them on Facebook

 Good luck,


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Kwentong Salu-salo @ Hukad & Golden Cowrie

Every Cebuano’s favorite go- to restaurant to get their Filipino food fix have given us another reason to put them on the top of our list. Aside from providing us with great food, an upbeat ambiance, amazing service and a place to create lots of memories with the people we enjoy spending our favorite parts of the day with; Hukad has given us more reasons to love them through the Kwentong Salu- salo campaign.

Everyone has a great story to tell whether if it’s with friends, family or even both at the same time and the Kwentong Salu- salo campaign encourages everyone to share it with the whole world! By simply sharing your memories at Golden Cowrie/ Hukad and uploading them hereyou get a chance to win a P10,000.00 GC or an iPad mini.

Everybody knows that the Filipino’s favorite part of the day is meal time and when we combine the two things we Filipinos are best known for: Food and Selfies, who knows what greatness can come out of it? So whether you’re a Dalagang Pilipina, one of the boys or a part of a Pamilyang Pilipino- make sure to capture and share your favorite memories at Hukad and Golden Cowrie!

Check out their other videos for inspiration:


Follow Hukad/ Golden Cowrie on Facebook
Visit their official website for menu listings/ more information
Can’t wait to see your entries!


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The Monastery feat. Jing Pascual Photography

Sharing my second set of photos from my adventure at The Monastery but this time with Jing Pascual. I previously shared Jong Ong’s set here and soon enough, I will be showing you my last and final feature about this amazing place.


11703083_10152886446826326_5607102793092200569_n Finding the right backdrop for my photos is always an integral process to my more creative photo shoots. I always find myself keeping an eye open for interesting places that allow me to relay a story or that complement personality through the clothes that I am wearing.

  At the Monastery, I was able to do just that. With their laid back, cool ambiance and spots for great photo ops; I was able to play out the story of a young lady who isn’t exactly fully grown up but didn’t want to be treated like a kid either. Obviously, me. I’m floating in between those two realms but between all this uncertainty, I’m pretty sure that I wanted to have a good time. 

Thankfully, Bree Esplanada was there to my rescue and helped me portray these characters through his awesome designs, as well.





















 Location: The Monastery, Lahug

Photography by: Jing Pascual

Designs by: Bree Esplanada


Issa P.

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(BLOG GIVEAWAY!) Food Panda Arrives In Cebu

Food Panda, a global online food ordering marketplace has finally arrived in Cebu! It’s the perfect mobile application for foodies, yuppies or just those who’d prefer a nice meal in to discover and choose from a wide range of food that usually isn’t available for delivery. Now ordering your favorite food just got so much better.
I’ve used the Food Panda application a couple times already and I’ve been impressed by their services so far. For those who haven’t tried using it, leave it to me to show you how it’s done! Enjoy 🙂
Step 1: Download the Food Panda application on your Android/ iOs devices OR visit the Food Panda website. Fill up the necessary information and choose your current location so Food Panda can locate the nearest establishments to you for a faster delivery.


Step 2: Choose your restaurant.


Step 3: I chose Burger Joint (for obvious reasons).

As soon as I clicked on the restaurant that I wanted, I was directed to their menu which was categorized based on main dishes/ side dishes/ etc. based on the restaurant of your choice. I love how the application is easy to use but for this part, I would’ve preferred that there were descriptions for each dish.


Step 4: Validate your order, choose your payment method, enter your promo code (if you have any and there always are!), wait for your confirmation text message and wait for your food.

The Food Panda application comes with it’s own countdown timer and luckily for me, my food has always arrived within the allotted time.


  Also, if you’re lucky, the Food Panda delivery guy’ll come in his special Panda helmet. HAHA.



Make sure to download the Food Panda application and follow them on their social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and promotion codes!

And because I love you all so much, I am also giving away P1,000.00 worth of GC’s from Food Panda! To join this giveaway, check out my Instagram account (@issaplease) for instructions.


Good luck to you all,

Issa P.

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The Monastery, Cebu feat. John Ong Photography

What’s better than lounging around a snazzy concept themed restaurant (The Monastery) in one of Cebu’s most talented upcoming designer’s (Bree Esplanada) dresses while being shot by an expert behind the lens (John Ong)?

Well, if you’re me- nothing.

I was very lucky to be invited to shoot at The Monastery a couple of weeks ago- basing on the photos alone, I think you’ll understand why.

Photos and fashion greatly work hand in hand and in the world of fashion blogging, sometimes photos are everything. Luckily, our set wasn’t just a great place to take photos but it was also a great place to chill at when the shoot was done.

monastery cebu

I cannot wait to show you more of the photos we took on that day and tell you a little bit more about our location. But just in case your curiosity gets the best of you, you can check The Monastery out at 976 Veteran’s Drive, Lahug Cebu CIty, Philippines

Follow The Monastery on Facebook

Find out more about John Ong

& Bree Esplanada

See You There,


Part 1/ 3 😉

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Hala Paella, The Best Paella In Cebu at The Banilad Town Center



There’s no denying that I eat out for the experience. Meal times are my favorite part of the day so whenever I get the chance to eat out, I prefer going to places that are visually and gastronomically appealing- places that will give me a chance to create awesome memories and bonds with the people I am with.  You see, eating to me isn’t just sitting down at a table and force feeding yourself to eat anymore, it’s an opportunity… it’s the main event!

Currently, I do have a favorite list of restaurants that you can all find on this blog and today, I am soo happy to be adding a new one to this list- HALA PAELLA Spanish Comfort Food, which recently opened at the Banilad Town Center (across Dimsum Break). From the interior to the food, this new soon to be favorite hang out is not only extremely instagramable (which we all know is very important nowadays) but it also budget friendly without skimping out on taste.




Hala Paella claims to have the best paella’s in town and since I am no expert in Spanish cuisine, I’ll let you be the judge of that. But if you asked me, if I could, I would have their Negra paella for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for midnight snacks.  But if black squid ink isn’t your thing, they also have 5 other choices of paellas to choose from that all come in hefty servings even for it’s “solo” size.

They also offer main courses created to complete your Spanish comfort food dining experience and with their prices ranging from P 38.00 to as high as P 128.00, it’s perfect if you want to try everything in one go. I loved their calamares (P 88.00) and I’m super excited to come back and try out their Chuletas (P 108.00).




Negra Paella in Solo – P 108.00; Lechon Paella – P 118.00; Sangria – P 90.00


Croquetas – P 58.00


Other Hala Paella menu and prices:

Chicharrones – P 38.00

Spanish Chorizo – P 88.00

Gambas – P 88.00

Cazuela – P 98.00

Chiprones – P 98.00

Alitas De Pollo – P 98.00

Callos – P 118.00

Pulpo – P 118.00

Lengua – P 118.00

Salpicao De Cerdo – P 128.00

Follow Hala Paella on Instagram @halapaella

For take out orders, call them up at 344 4252

They are open from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

See you there,


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IssaEats: Grounded and Pounded


I honestly do not think that anything will come close to my favorite Fat Cow burger for a while but it doesn’t hurt to post some pretty ok burgers in between.

Grounded and Pounded which is located at the ground floor of One Pavillion mall along Banawa claims to be a healthier variation to the typical burger. With the tag line “It’s Not Just Healthy… It’s Grounded and Pounded”, I was sort of left wondering what was so healthy about it. I think it was the pesto sauce they used in it but to be honest, I really don’t know.

I don’t feel too good about giving a bad review but a friend encouraged me to be very honest with my thoughts and opinions which is the basis of a good blog so I will try very very hard to make this as decent as possible. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.



We walked into Grounded and Pounded right around noontime, hungry and excited to try out this new burger place that we’ve been noticing over the past few months. The first thing we noticed as we entered was that all the doors were open and that the air conditioning was turned off with the absence of an electric fan to make up for the scrimped ventilation. Not to sound like we can’t handle a little heat or anything but for an establishment located inside the mall, we were expecting that it would be fully air conditioned. Also, the reason why we decided to eat out was because it was too hot to eat at home in the first place. Since the place was pretty clean and it wasn’t suffocating us, we decided to stay anyways since we were all pretty determined to try the place out.



At first I was quite excited to order since there were quite a few selections to choose from their flip through menu such as the Banh Mi Burger (P109.00), The Gap Classic (P 99.00), The Gap Premium (P 129.00), The Gap Bacon Burger (P 144.00) and side dishes like Bruschetta (P69.00), Mojos (P89.00) among others. Unfortunately, the burger and the side dish that I wanted weren’t available and I ended up with a Gap Classic with Cheese (P 139.00) and fries. The menu stated that it came with mojos but they did not have those either which was kind of a bummer.


Maybe it was the heat or the disappointment from their scarcity in selections but I ended up not quite enjoying my burger. Although I liked the little hearts that the chef cutely placed on my chopping board, I guess it wasn’t enough to entice my already fading appetite. Also, if you’re not really into spiced burgers then you probably won’t like this burger either.


There were a lot of things I did not like about this place or the food but the service wasn’t really that bad. The place was clean so even though it was hot, we didn’t feel like we were being grilled liked our patties. There weren’t a lot of people so there wasn’t a problem with seating either and when my friend’s chair broke mid meal, the owner humbly apologized and provided us with a new one. But then again, chairs aren’t supposed to break mid meal, are they? haha. It could’ve gone worse, guys!

We probably went on one of our off days so I’m hoping that the next time we decide to drop by, they’ll have more items on their menu and that the necessary changes will be made. Grounded and Pounded seemed to me like a labor of love that had so much potential to develop and become more than it is. So even if I did not enjoy my first time there, I’m looking forward to seeing them improve for the next time we decide to try it out again.

Find out more about them here

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